Instant. Affordable. Compliant.

The Rent Stabilization Association is working with TenantAlert to provide you with easy to use New York State compliant tenant screening so you can pick the best tenants possible for your rentals. TenantAlert provides instant credit data from Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion as well as nationwide criminal,  sex offender, and terrorist records all at an affordable price of $20.

Tenant Pay Feature

Pay for the report by credit card or select to bill your applicant and we’ll send them an email and charge their credit card instead. The report is sent to you once the applicant has paid for it.

Live Customer Support

Call TenantAlert at (866) 272-8400 and connect directly with a live representative who can help you set up your account, order, and even read report results.

New York State Compliant

Our RSA tenant screening package makes it easy and safe for you to screen tenants in accordance with New York’s most recent legislation.


RSA members get the exclusive offer below!

RSA NY Screening PackageNY State Compliant

$ 20

Per Tenant
  • Credit Report
  • Credit Score
  • Nationwide Criminal
  • Sex Offender
  • Terrorist

How it Works

Provide Tenant Email, No Inspection Needed

Place an order by entering your tenant’s name and email and TenantAlert will send an email to your tenant requesting they fill out a short online application. There is no need to collect sensitive data from your applicant and there is no need to get an onsite inspection of your office. You’ll get the report as soon as the applicant completes their online application.

  1. Register a free account and select a tenant screening package.
  2. Enter your tenant’s name and email.
  3. Purchase the report with your credit card or bill your applicant.
  4. Your tenant will be emailed a link to complete an online application that will ask them for their name, DOB, SSN, drivers license, phone, current address, income, and 3 multiple choice identity verfication questions.
  5. We’ll send you an email notification when the application has been completed and you can login to your account to view the results.

Questions? Call or Email Live Customer Support

TenantAlert Account Features

All accounts come with 24/7 access, a free TenantSelect decision, an adverse decision letter, and unlimited properties and user accounts. Contact us to add other features listed below!

Custom online application

TenantAlert can send an application to your prospective tenant on your behalf. Just provide their name and email or TenantAlert can create a custom application link you can share with applicants on your website.

Unlimited properties and users

Add all your rental properties to your account. Assign user permissions, usernames, and passwords so your employees can view only reports they order for properties they manage.

Unlimited Access and Support

Access your reports and order new ones 24/7. Volume accounts get a dedicated account manager for urgent help after hours too.

TenantSelect decision

TenantSelect is a recommendation tool to help you decline, approve, or approve tenants with conditions. It starts at 100 points and deducts points for negative criteria on the credit and background check. Customize your criteria today.

Integrated leasing forms with Adobe E-sign

Easily turn rental applicants into tenants! Provide your lease forms once, approve your applicant, and TenantAlert will prepopulate your digital lease form. An email is then sent by TenantAlert for the tenants e-signature. Completed forms signed by all parties are stored in your account.

Document management

Have applicants upload photos of support documents to their online application such as W-2s, diver’s license, paycheck stubs, and other requirements. TenantAlert makes it easy for you to manage and track the leasing process from one location.

Invoice by email

If you order 12 or more tenant screening reports per month, you can choose to pay a monthly invoice by check instead of using a credit card. If you’re invoiced, you can get a separate invoice for each of your rental properties.

Employment screening

Need to hire new team members? Use TenantAlert’s employment background check platform,, to access criminal reports, drug tests, resume verifications, I-9 verification, and motor vehicle reports.

Adverse decision letter

A prepopulated and FCRA compliant letter is included with every report.  Easily print or email it to applicants you decline.

Client Testimonials

“I have successfully transitioned 20 properties from several other credit agencies to TenantAlert. The staff has made themselves available for any questions we have had throughout the process and have even worked, when necessary, directly with my staff. As a result the transition has been seamless. ”

RoseTerra ManagementMaggie Nieves-Sosa - Director, Transfer Department

“Turnaround time is quick, and you have online access to the accounts making our operation much more efficient. Customer service has been more than helpful during the transition period, and they are quick to respond to any inquiries. Overall we are very pleased with the service TenantAlert provided. ”

Breezy Point Cooperative, Inc. Denise Lopresti Neibel - Assistant General Manager

“Thank you for the very positive relationship we have had with your company over the years. As you know our premier product ApplyPort is used by major property management companies in the New York City area. With API integration to TenantAlert our clients can generate customized credit reports in less than 60 seconds. Our clients love it because their employees do not have to handle sensitive personal information. I recommend TenantAlert to any company that requires a fast, customizable and cost effective reporting solution. ”

OnlinebuildingsPeter Friebe - President

“During the past 15 years our company has used TenantAlert which offers high quality services to our company and our clients. The biggest project we worked on was to give access to our clients to process their reports through the system without us getting involved. The result was impressive as almost 95% of our clients’ reports go through the automated process. Also, the customer service response has been fantastic all these years with no issues for clients and agents. We highly recommend their services and look forward to working on other projects. ”

The Corcoran GroupMatt Tsopanidis - Commissions Manager

“We have been long time clients of TenantAlert and have been very satisfied with their level of efficiency and responsiveness. I honestly love the convenience and the ease with which you can navigate the site. It is also property specific so you know exactly which account to charge come billing time. Besides being cost effective, reports are readily available so prospective tenants do not have to wait long to get approved and as landlords, you get to rent your unit faster.

Westland Development Group, LLCDoris Albis

Credit Bureau Partners